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U.S. Soccer Unveils New Crest

Since 1995, the U.S. has held a brand symbolic to their youthful spirit and energetic application to the global game. With the game taking huge strides, 2016 sees a rebrand of contemporary and stylised cool. Clean and concise, it is a powerhouse of structured strength and an exciting future.

The future has never looked brighter for football in the United States. With the USWNT standing on top of the world, it is only a matter of time before the men's team is competing for similar medal bearing stature. This new crest, sophisticated yet sharp, sweeps away any novelty from its predecessor. Cleaned and compressed, it's a creative crest with an authoritative type-face and prosperous all-round finish.

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Featuring colours iconic to the American flag, the red bars, white space and strong blue border encompass the spirit of the game in the USA. Their foundations strong and domestic leagues blossoming, 2016 could well be the start of a new era. One thing for certain is that this is going to look among the best on the global stage when it graces new kit and clobber. Mighty times ahead.


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