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Is The Next-Gen Predator Inspired By The Predator Lethal Zones?

As more and more players begin to get involved in the testing phase of the next-generation Predator we've been provided with our best look yet at the boot as the blackout prototypes were dished out around Leicester City's training ground this week, and it bears a striking resemblance to a previous Predator series.

The next-generation Predator which will be available in laceless, laced and a low-cut option is set to arrive with a dramatic re-design when adidas finally lift the lid in 2022. The famed Demonskin rubber spikes that have provided that legendary ball control and spin since the Predator 19 was replaced in late 2019 will be replaced in favour of a new technology upper that looks to take inspiration from a Predator series that was launched ten years ago.


We're talking about the Predator Lethal Zones (LZ) that first launched in 2012 and evolved into a LZ II version into 2013. Next year will (somehow) mark it's tenth anniversary and after seeing the blackout next-gen boot due to drop in 2022 we're wondering if a decade of Lethal Zones is the inspiration behind the overhaul of the upper. 


The 2012 adidas Predator Lethal Zones caused a bit of uproar upon their launch as adidas opted for a launch colourway that was a step away from the traditional colour combination of "Black/White/Red" – it was deliberate move to highlight the 5 Lethal Zones on the boot, which consisted of strategically positioned areas of rubber to help improve ball control: First Touch, Dribble, Sweet Spot, Drive and Pass.


Yeah, there are definitely more iconic and memorable Predators but as a concept the Lethal Zones was right up there. It just made sense. But that initial launch colourway combined with still coming to terms with a tongueless Predator era tainted some players opinion of the LZ. There are clear resemblances between the currently unnamed next-gen Predator and the LZ with an upper that looks to be specially designed for key areas of connection between the ball and the foot.


Whether adidas will tell the LZ story to officially commemorate the tenth anniversary of the boot when they launch the new-look Predator remains to be seen. But what we do know is that this new silhouette with its 3D ribbed technology will carry the most famous football boot series in the world into a new chapter of innovation.


A 2022 launch means that this will be the key adidas product to spearhead the Three Stripes in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, so you can expect the full works in terms of noise in the months leading up to the big unveiling. For now though, it will remain under wraps as adidas continue to gather feedback from their professional players. If the players wearing them in Qatar give us half the memories these two below gave us in Preds then we're in for a treat.


Stay tuned for more info on the next-generation adidas Predator football boots...


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