A Predator man through and through, it’s on the feet of Paul Pogba that we get our first look at the next generation of the iconic silo, which indicates a release date in the not too distant future.

Paul Pogba stands as one of the main faces of the Predator silo, enjoying his own signature style, as well as showing off the adidas’s recently released collaboration with Human Race. But this week saw all that flair turned down for a blacked out prototype of the next generation of Predator, as the Man United midfielder put them through their paces in training this week, giving the world a first look at what’s to come.

pogba 1-min.jpg
pogba 2-min.jpg

And the simple answer regarding what’s to come is: nothing too radically different. The introduction of the Predator Mutator raised a lot of eyebrows, with that aggressive aesthetic punctuated by the Demonskin upper and all those spikes. It was a return of rubber on the Pred, but not as many people expected. And it was certainly different to anything that had come before.

So this next generation doesn’t look all that shockingly different, maintaining the spikes in the forefoot. The immediate differences of note are the shape and positioning of the rubber spikes, Adidas likely playing with the optimum placement and positioning. Further to this the positioning of the prime knit running down the forefoot seems to have been tweaked also, likely to improve the fit. Early days yet, and hard to see much else of the boots from these early pictures, but there’s sure to be more in the coming weeks and months as we near a release, likely around Christmas.

pogba 3-min.jpg
pogba 4-min.jpg

Eyes peeled for more players in the new Predator – and a better look – in the coming weeks...