David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Steven Gerrard, Alessandro Del Piero. These players created a legacy for the adidas Predator. Players that became iconic whilst installing the Predator at the pinnacle of football innovation. But now it's time for a new chapter, for new players to create history in the famed Predator boot.

Yep, the return is near. Ahead of the adidas Predator 18+ launch Paul Pogba has been getting to grips with his new wheels as Manchester United trained on Tuesday afternoon – the first time the Frenchman has sported the launch colourway of the silhouette. A new generation of players will begin their own Predator journey leading up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and adidas have given us a quick peek at what's behind the curtain ahead of the full show lighting up in the coming hours.


The wait is almost over. Months of seeing players training in blacked-out editions of the boot has built huge hype around the return of the adidas Predator series, and now we're looking at a launch colourway that is drenched in Predator DNA. A black and white colourway with hints of gold and traditional Predator red creeping through the laceless upper.


The Predator series was retired in 2015 to make way for the launch of the ACE series, but now the time has come for adidas to reinvent the prestigious silo into a modern piece of footballing weaponry. The tech info? Patience. You'll have to wait for that. You ain't Pogba.

Stay tuned for a full first look at the adidas Predator 18+ football boots.