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Paul Pogba Brings the adidas Predator Back

The adidas Predator was there when players became legends. Zidane, Beckham, Del Piero, Kaka, players that all created iconic moments in an iconic football boot. But now it's time for a new generation to write the next chapter. Led by Paul Pogba, a player with new-generation swag who welcomes back the Predator in the latest adidas Football film.

The adidas Predator has always been more than just a football boot – it's a personality that only certain players can front. With Paul Pogba, adidas have their charismatic ringmaster, the go to man to welcome the return of the Predator 18+ as he works his magic on the street to the pitch in the new video.


From dabbing mannequins to blinged up pensioners with a nod to the Predator legends of old along the way. Pogba takes his first steps as the leading figure in a new era for adidas Football as he slips on the adidas Predator 18+ for the first time. The film ends with Pogba going face-to-face with Mesut Özil, clearly adidas predicting his move to Manchester United in January, sort of, maybe. Probably not, but they've got previous...

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