With Nike set to unleash replenished power with the return of the iconic Nike T90 Laser I, it seems like an ideal time to take a walk down nostalgia lane as we look back on some of the best T90 Laser ads. Rooney, Torres and Dirty Sanchez all coming together in the name accuracy and power.

The T90 Laser series remains one of Nike's most popular all-time boot collections, with each new version headlined by Wayne Rooney, who features prominently throughout the videos for all four generations of power. From the impressive to the ridiculous, here we've collected together some of the best T90 Laser commercials from the initial release of the original in 2007 to the fourth-gen in 2011. Yes, you'll feel old. Yes, you'll want a pair.

Nike T90 Laser I | Accuracy Challenge – It was the simplicity of the T90 Laser message that fans bought into. The fact you could improve your accuracy and power when shooting; the most enjoyable and transparent skill on the pitch. The Swoosh went route one with their first commercial.

Nike T90 Laser I | Behind The Scenes – Many people remember the Ronaldinho 'crossbar' advert that caused so much debate. As such, the original T90 Laser ad was approached with much of the same dubious skepticism, so Nike released this in answer.

Nike T90 Laser I | Put It Where You Want Tour, Episode I, Wayne Rooney – Dirty Sanchez, Wales' answer to Jackass, were recruited by Nike for a precision meets punishment campaign, showcasing the accuracy and power of the T90 Laser over four episodes as they looked to find the most powerful and accurate footballers. First up was a visit to Wayne Rooney's Manor House.

Nike T90 Laser I | Put It Where You Want Tour, Episode II, Torsten Frings – Next up on the tour was a visit to German hitman, Torsten Frings. He could hit a frankfurter at 100 metres. Or in this case, a drunken Welshman on a trampoline.

Nike T90 Laser I | Put It Where You Want Tour, Episode III, Gennaro Gattuso – Tough tackling Italian hard man, Rino Gattuso was up next for the Sanchez boys. The lads found the pitfall too much. They didn't like the dog either. We'd love to have been there when Nike tired to explain what Dirty Sanchez was to Gattuso's management.

Nike T90 Laser I | Put It Where You Want Tour, Episode IV, Florent Malouda – A fair ground visit with Florent Malouda was the last stop in the tour. Power and precision punishing the pitiful pranksters. The eventual winner? A convenient split decision...

Nike T90 Laser II | Next Level – Easily the most iconic commercial from the T90 Laser series. Nike pulled together a star-studded line-up including Rooney, Ronaldo, Fabregas, Ronaldinho, Materazzi and Wenger to follow a T90-wearing player's journey from non-league to the very top.

Nike T90 Laser III | Laser Challenge – Taking a literal meaning to the word 'laser' Nike put Rooney and Fernando Torres through an accuracy challenge where they had to pick out the top corner while avoiding the moving beams. Nando having to hide his flowing golden locks under a hood to avoid upsetting Rooney and his thinning barnet.

Nike T90 Laser IV | Strike Counter – Bringing together some of the best young T90 Laser players of the generation, including Gonzalo Higuain and Wesley Sniejder, this ad ramped up the accuracy and intensity once more for the final model of the T90 Laser line.

What a boot. All eyes on March 21...