With Wayne Rooney reverting back to the Nike T90 Laser II this week we've turned on the nostalgia to rewind to a time of pole-positioned power. The T90 Laser series remains one of Nike's most popular all-time boot collections, with each generation headlined by Rooney. Here we pick out his top 5 Nike commercials for the boot.

Four generations of power. The first launched in April 2007 and the last replaced in May 2013. What made the Nike T90 Laser series so popular was its obvious shooting technology on the upper. Yes, the boot was slightly heavier than today's market, but players craved that extra bit of power and the idea of a silo that could pinpoint accuracy.

With that powerful, accurate theme running through the DNA of the boot it provided Nike and Rooney with the opportunity to mirror the message in their commercials. 

Nike T90 Laser I | Accuracy Challenge – It was the simplicity of the T90 Laser message that fans bought into. The fact you could improve your accuracy and power when shooting; the most enjoyable and transparent skill on the pitch. The Swoosh went route one with their first commercial.

Nike T90 Laser I | Dirty Sanchez – For the younger readers Dirty Sanchez were a bunch of crazy Welshmen who did stunts. For our American readers Dirty Sanchez was like Jackass, only with more blood and more poorly intoxicated decision making on a much lesser budget. They don't make ads like this anymore.

Nike T90 Laser II | Next Level – Easily the most iconic commercial from the T90 Laser series. Nike pulled together a star-studded line-up including Rooney, Ronaldo, Fabregas, Ronaldinho, Materazzi and Wenger to follow a T90-wearing player's journey from non-league to the very top.

Nike T90 Laser III | Laser Challenge – Taking a literal meaning to the word 'laser' Nike put Rooney and Fernando Torres through an accuracy challenge where they had to pick out the top corner while avoiding the moving beams. Nando having to hide his flowing golden locks under a hood to avoid upsetting Rooney and his thinning barnet.

Nike T90 Laser IV | Tech Plan – Nike showcased the technology of the final T90 Laser series before replacing it with the Hypervenom. Rooney once again the leading face of a boot that defined his aggressive and powerful playing style.

Take a closer look at Wayne Rooney wearing the Nike T90 Laser II here.