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Nike Launch The T90 Laser I Re-make

Step this way please. Try to form an orderly queue, yeah? For this here is the most thunderous power-blast from the past and Nike have rifled it straight into the top corner of your basket, with laser-guided accuracy, obviously. The hardest hitting heavyweight is back in town as the T90 Laser returns.

Just one glance at the Nike T90 Laser I SE is enough to slide helplessly into nostalgia-induced daydreams of Fernando Torres' white socks covered in an entire roll of white tape. The year is 2007; the white and red hooped Nike Total 90 Aerow II match ball (the undisputed greatest match ball of that decade, possibly of all time) is on pitch, you've yet to discover the confusing adult-life of tax returns and scart cables, and your only sense of routine and responsibility is banging in long-rangers for fun with Adriano on Pro Evo 6.


Alas, Nike don't have a time machine to take us back to that glorious era, but what they do have is a key to their boot archives to unlock T90 treasure like this, which will do very nicely. An almost exact take on the original first-generation T90 Laser football boots, the re-issue arrives with the same iconic shooting technology, skeletal foot graphic on the soleplate and T90 branding on the "Zest/Black/Sport Red" colourway.

The only tech difference is that the re-make uses the same Hyperstability 2.0 soleplate from the Phantom VNM series. Powerful perfection, tweaked for the target. This is how you do re-releases. 

As time has passed Nike can now boast an impressive back catalogue of retired boot silos, but where other brands have jumped on the re-release trend Nike have distanced themselves from it, leaving iconic Mercurials, CTRs, Tiempos, and Total 90s untouched. Until now, of course. Is this the start of Nike producing more frequents runs of re-makes? You damn well hope so.


Is now a bad time to mention that they're limited edition? It probably is, isn't it? Yep, they will be restricted to just 2,000 pairs worldwide, each individually numbered on the soleplate, so expect a mad scramble when they drop at 8am GMT this morning. Go, go, go...

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