A campaign that centres around key players that are set to take the stage in EURO 2016 from Friday, 'B[READY] feature Antoine Griezmann, Mario Goetze, Harry Kane and Cesc Fabregas as they are pumped with the energy of The Prodigy's "Firestarter" to get ready for this summer's tournament.

Using the sound to shape their inspired minds and focus the players on the task in hand, the music sets the pace, transporting them into the "Firestarter" music video where they face off against their opponents, visualising victory in the game ahead. It's a well delivered video that travels through tunnels to the top as the players look to step out onto the pitch.

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Sources can neither confirm nor deny whether Harry Kane genuinely does have Firestarter on his playlist but hey, if this video is anything to go by it certainly puts some fire in the belly. Someone tell Roy to get the gaffa tape out, the headphones need to stay in place until Saturday.