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Beats By Dre Show Rashford Support With Giant Mural

It’s been a tough season for both Manchester United and Marcus Rashford. But as the hate and abuse pours out on social media, Beats by Dre have sent the England man a message of support, creating a giant mural in the centre of Manchester with the help of artist Reuben Dangoor.

Over the last couple of years, Marcus Rashford MBE has done some amazing things. But while his work off the pitch has been rightly celebrated, his performances on them have faltered in tandem with United’s own stuttering form. And, sure as day follows night, the sometimes toxic nature of social media has seen people attacking the striker, criticising not only his performances, but his additional activities and the perceived effect that they may be having on his form, often in a torrent of abuse. Now, Beats by Dre have produced a strong message of support for Rashford in the form of a giant mural.

rashford 5-min.jpg

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a mural created for the United forward, but this one arrives with the strong message that “Form is temporary; class is permanent.” Created by local artist, Reuben Dangoor, the online scrutiny Rashford faces has been visualised in the form of numerous hating emojis hustling around Rashford on one side, with happy emojis on the other highlighting the positive work he has been doing off the pitch and the impact it’s had. And Rashford takes centre stage, a calm look on his face as he blocks out the noise – using his trusty Beats By Dre, of course. 

Local artist, Reuben Dangoor said: “The piece was created to try and show the two worlds that Marcus is currently dealing with. On social media he is both abused and celebrated. It must be tough for anyone. It was an interesting project to get involved with, and was nice to see Beats show support to Marcus, acknowledging his unique situation, and highlighting the abuse and achievements that he receives.

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