Beats by Dre have released their intensely epic World Cup advert titled 'The game before the game' starring Neymar and a whole host of current and ex players.

Beats by Dre focus on the unseen game played in the changing rooms before kick off, when players have their own time to stick their tunes on and get in the zone, the mental game.

'The Game Before The Game' spotlights the pre-game rituals of footballers, celebrities and fans as they prepare to be victorious in the game to come; Neymar calls his rather for words of strength, wisdom and confidence, Fabregas kisses the ring his girlfriend gave him and Suarez kisses the tattoo of his son and daughter's names on his wrist for love and good luck.

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Beats by Dre are huge in the footballing scene and players coming off every team bus in the world can be seen wearing them as a key part of their pre-game preparations. The star studded film also includes special appearances from LeBron James, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rafaella Beckran, Rio Ferdinand, Serena Williams, Sydney Leroux, Stuart Scott, and Thierry Henry.

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