Fourth installment of 'Hear What You Want' Campaign.

Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas has starred in the fourth installment of Beats by Dr Dre's 'Hear What You Want' Campaign. The ad, which aired for the first time on Sunday, depicts the Spanish Striker making his way to a crucial game in Madrid as the fans run riot. However Fabregas is able to block out the noise with the innovative headphones. 

“Before any match, it’s crucial to get prepared mentally as well as physically. Football is about teamwork but it’s also about each individual player being the best they can be. Beats Studio Wireless allow me to focus, concentrate and block out any distractions so that when I step out on the pitch, I’m ready." commented Fabregas.

The ‘Hear What You Want’ campaign demonstrates how athletes get into ‘the-zone’ by listening to music through their Beats Studio Wireless. They silence their rivals, block out noise, and get prepared to take on their rivals by hearing what they want. 

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