June 7. That's when Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes over a little bit more of this fine world that we live in. The king of confidence has announced that his own sportswear brand 'A-Z' is coming and that us mere mortals can get in on the action soon.

A strong emphasis on training is the message coming out of the A-Z brand. More a representation of values than a mere fashion show, as his holding page suggests. "A pair of expensive shoes has never made an athlete. Neither has a t-shirt, a pair of tights, or a membership at a fancy gym. No equipment ever has. To go the whole distance from A-Z, from amateur to Zlatan, you have to practice. That's my philosophy."

"This brand is for all you fighters. Every single one of you who knows that nothing is settled during a game, but rather in the 7 million minutes before it even starts. The hours you need to get stronger. Faster. Greater. It's not about the gear. It's all about you. And the time it takes to get from A-Z."

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When his long-standing contract with Nike expired all eyes were on which brand he would sign for next, or whether he would renew with the Swoosh, but Ibrahimovic has decided to make his own brand entirely. Of course he has. 

Get over to A-Z.com for more.