PUMA Look to bad boy Balotelli in new advert featuring Usain Bolt, Sergio Aguero and Marta Vieira da Silva.

Renowned bad boy of football Mario Balotelli has been handed a starring role in the new PUMA advert #ForeverFaster - Calling All TroubleMakers. Led by Usain Bolt, the new ad plays on the personalities of some the brands biggest stars showing Bolt and Balotelli chilling in hot tubs flanked attractive women and dropping lines such as 'Obedience will be discouraged'. Sergio Aguero also stars in the video alongside Brazilian former FIFA World Player of the Year Marta Vieira da Silva and PUMA headline golfers Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson.

'We've always been known as a brand that takes risks and that's not going to change, Forever Faster clearly represents that' said Adam Petrick, Global Marketing Director at PUMA. 'This is going to change the way we approach product design and innovation as well as how we market our brand.'