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Luis Suarez Launches adidas Alphaskin

The Three Stripes are bringing a new generation of base layer technology to 2018 as they launch the Alphaskin collection with Barcelona forward Luis Suarez. Doing more than just keeping a player hot or cold, Alphaskin eliminates the distraction of friction with a kinetic wrapped design.

Suarez might look like some sort of Avatar wearing just shorts, which is a bit odd, but the technology is clever we can assure you. The Alphaskin products move with critical areas of athletes motion and are carefully constructed to match the body's movement in sport. By removing unnatural friction between the fabric and skin, athletes wearing Alphaskin are able to fully focus on performance. That's the plan.


Rob Lee, Vice President of design for adidas Training said: “We’re committed to creating only the best for athletes and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the disruptive design of Alphaskin. After taking a deep dive into their movements, needs and culture, we created a performance layer that keeps up with all of those elements. 

By using our highly advanced ARAMIS system instead of a traditional static mannequin for testing, we were able to understand how to make Alphaskin and athlete’s bodies move as one. This allowed us to create a wrapped performance layer that truly dials into the movements of athletes across all sports.”

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