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Luis Suarez Trains In Next-Gen adizero

Luis Suarez spotted lacing up in the next-generation adidas adizero F50 at Barcelona's training ground.

Luis Suarez is lacing up for his return to competitive action wearing a black-out f50 prototype, giving us our first official look at the 2015 adizero scheduled to land early next year. The boots follow the recent reveal of two new prototype models seen on the feet of Thomas Muller and Xabi Alonso, both which show a serious shift in adidas design direction.

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Before any potential new silhouettes are introduced, adidas will update their f50 adizero for a sixth time. With Suarez spending more time on the training pitch, adidas are using the striker to test out their revamped speed boot. A closer look at the boots reveal a single, one-piece upper designed with a scale-like pattern from front to back. Unsurprisingly adidas have ditched their rear-foot SpeedFoil material that was used on the first editions of the current model.

Some description

For years now the adizero has built on the same key features as the original model launched in 2010. In more of a shake-up, adidas could be about to make significant changes to the boots outsole which has been relatively unchanged over the evolution of the adizero. Looking at Suarez’s boots, there are no signs of the traditional Sprint Frame heel counter, suggesting adidas have developed an entirely new outsole for the boot.

Stay tuned for more on the next-generation adidas adizero F50, but in the mean time let us know your initial thoughts in the comments section below.


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