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Nike Release "PhantomVNM: Behind The Design" Video

Last month Nike gave the world the PhantomVNM: a boot engineered for power and precision in front of goal. Now Nike have released a video with Jeongwoo Lee, Senior Design Director for Global Football Footwear, and in it he lifts the lid on some of the insights and processes behind the creation of the PhantomVNM.

Focusing on the opening idea and inspiration of having a clean strike zone that was at the heart of the design, Lee explains how this developed into the need for accuracy and how that was achieved. The concept of accuracy was deconstructed and analysed through the use of a robot leg that enabled them to test all different kinds of shots. Through this research, they were able to not only focus on the precision element, but also the power, spin and elevation.


The video also features USWNT striker and key figure in the PhantomVNM campaign, Alex Morgan, as she puts the boot through its paces in a series of exercises that emphasise the accuracy that Nike have achieved with the boot. The PhantomVNM has become a feature on pitches across the world since its debut in January, with the likes of Morgan, Lewandowski, Rashford and the currently injured Harry Kane, all lacing up in it.


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