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Hummel x Afghanistan Special Edition Packaging

Lifting the lid on a laser etched box of sheer class, Hummel have packaged and moreover, presented their Afghanistan shirts with humble sophistication. Naturally, we took a closer look with much intrigue.

Thick card that acts as an all round home for both the home and away shirts respectively, it's a release that has been given due care throughout. The design of the shirt running through into the packaging, the outer carries the same lion that coats both the front and back of the kit and lifting the lid holds a similar impact personable story telling. Imprinted on the card that cases the shirt is Khalida Popal - a symbol as to what this kit means - far greater than any materiel it's a triumph in the face of adversity and right down the packaging Hummel have tried to portray this.

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With style and class, it is with equal measure something achieved. A clean layout with design on point it's not about the bells and whistles though it does impress all the same. A capsuled of creativity, it's an all round product, box included, that would stand the test of time and is something to look back on as a true keep sake and reminder of the power that football has. You can get a closer look at both the home and away kits here. Equally strong in their delivery, it's an almighty kit with Hummel smashing all the stops.


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