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Bronby and Hummel Release Special Edition Kim Vilfort Legend Jersey

Paying tribute to a club 'legend', Bronby and Hummel have released a special edition replica jersey to celebrate Kim Vilfort. A sharp slice of minimalist gold, it shines with all the yellow, all of the day.

Kim Vilfort is a player who characterised commitment. Joining Brøndby in 1986, he played for the club for 12 solid years up until 1998. Signing off with style, he is remembered by the Bronby faithful with perfect style and is synonymous with attractive though fair football. Nicknamed as 'Mr. Brøndby', his sheer volume of support from the stands saw the fans give the club's stadium a second name as 'Vilfort Park'. Still very much involved in the club as a talent development manager, he's now responsible for bringing through the next generation.

Hummel Bronby body 1.jpg
Hummel Bronby body.jpg

This kitted tribute is a reworked retro number that aims to look forward by taking inspiration from the past. In the words of Hummel, "It must be retro. But not a 1:1 copy of the old jerseys. There must be nostalgia, but also the discovery of something new. The cut must be modern."

Meeting that brief with resounding success, the design clearly references archive style though it sits in a modern place. The tonal patterns mixed with details that pay tribute to Kim Vilfort, it's a shirt with plenty of presence and a nice tough in paying to tributes to those players who have played their way into the history books.

You can find out more about the release here


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