The reveal of a new match ball for a coming campaign is always a way to get excitement levels up, but fans of Italy’s Serie B are in for a real treat with the reveal of the official Kombat match ball for the 23/24 season from Kappa, which arrives in a beautifully bespoke design.

We love the reveal of a new match ball as much as the next person; seeing what’s going to be the focus of so much of our attention for the coming six months or so is an occasion to be celebrated! But that feeling’s been taken to a whole new level with the reveal of the Serie B Kombat match ball from Kappa, which comes with a bespoke design that pushes the iconic Kappa Omini logo into a starring role.

Now, some may say that the branding on a match ball shouldn’t really be playing such a big part in its design, but the Kappa Omini logo is one that has almost transcended its position as a mere brand badge to become more of a mark of class. And here it sits upon a white base with tonal blue overlays to really mark out what is a unique design in the world of football. Kappa have been supplying the match ball to Serie B for several years now, and they may as well stop after this year, because it’s unlikely that they’ll better this look. Would love to be proven wrong though…

liga b 4-min.jpg
liga b 5-min.jpg
liga b 3-min.jpg
liga b 2-min.jpg

The reveal of the Serie B match ball has coincided with the fixtures list reveal, which you can check out here.