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PUMA Reveal The 22/23 Serie A Match Ball

Kicking off a new era, PUMA have today unveiled the 22/23 Serie A official match ball, their first since taking over from Nike. The PUMA ORBITA Serie A, as it is known, features powerful graphics inspired by the Lega Serie A logo and blends elements of Italian progressive art.

Taking over ball supply duties from Nike after 15 years of Swoosh-adorned spheres in Serie A, PUMA have revealed the Orbita Serie A, which follows in the footsteps of the recently released Orbita La Liga. Aesthetically, the ball features powerful graphics inspired by the Lega Serie A logo and blends elements of Italian progressive art, while an additional detail places the Italian Tricolore around each of the custom graphics.

So taking the ball as a blank canvas, PUMA have splashed it with PUMA black, red, cool grey, sunset red, and amazon green with a range of blue colour palettes integrated into the white base to ensure excellent ball visibility. The PUMA ORBITA Serie A football offers a unique configuration of 12 large star-shaped panels which results in a reduced number of seams. The ORBITA uses state-of-the-art technology to create the optimal sphere that maintains its shape and allows for less water absorption.

Over the last year and a half, we have developed, tested and modified the new ORBITA to create a ball that will perform at the highest level. The new 12 star-shaped panel configuration results in the optimal sphere to allow for better connection on the ball,” said Thomas Schwarz, PUMA Head of Product Line Management Teamsport Individual. “We are excited to see the new ball in action in one of the top leagues in the world and we hope it will provide beautiful moments on the pitch.

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A POE foam is added to increase touch sensitivity, providing a firmer feel and better bounce consistency. In addition, the 1.2mm textured 3D PU surface improves aerodynamics and makes the ball more resistant to abrasion and wear, resulting in increased durability. The ball also features a rubber bladder and PAL (PUMA Air Lock) valve for optimal air retention and rebound properties.

"The launch of a new match ball is always very important at the beginning of a new season as it is the object that most evokes dreams and memories in each of us,” said Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A. "PUMA's ORBITA Serie A match ball features a modern and eye-catching design that will certainly appeal to younger generations. Moreover, the references to the Italian flag and the league logo strengthen the brand identity and its international recognition. The high quality of the materials will guarantee optimal performance to allow the protagonists on the pitch to offer the best possible show.

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The PUMA Orbita Serie A will be available from 1 July at

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