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Park Unveils The World's First Carbon Negative Ball

The good folk at PARK continue to leverage the power of football for good, and this time it’s with a firm view on the environment, as they launch the world’s first carbon negative football.

PARK is the impact football brand for people and the planet. Their goal is to use the power of football to tackle global inequalities and level the playing field, and every product they create helps youth in need. But now they are adding another dimension to the work they do. See, even Football has a carbon footprint and PARK are now working to the mantra of saving the planet just by playing the game we love. How, you ask? By creating the world’s first Carbon Negative ball.

Every PARK football now locks away 5kg of CO2e, offsetting more than the amount of carbon emitted during the manufacturing process. Through their one-for-one initiative, the ball donated to a kid in need will also have 5kg of carbon locked away with it too, meaning that’s 10kg of carbon that will never reach the atmosphere.

How does this work exactly? You’ve probably heard of carbon neutral, but how do you get to carbon negative? Well, PARK have partnered with C2Zero, a purpose driven company with a mission to stop pollution. They enable brands like PARK to take away the permits big polluters use when they pollute. There is a finite pool of these permits, and C2Zero raid the pool that these big polluters purchase from. So if there are 100 permits in a pool and they take 10, there are only 90 left for the polluters to pollute with. They take these permits and (figuratively) cut them up, putting pieces onto goods and services. And that brings us to PARK’s carbon negative footballs, each of which has a piece of an emissions permit embedded in it that offsets more than the carbon emitted during the manufacturing process – creating impact for people and for the planet. And there you have it, a positive move that takes the ball into negative territory.

park 2-min.jpg
park 3-min.jpg

To celebrate this PARK have created a set of three footballs: Ocean, Land and Air, with each design reflecting the different environments that make up our beautiful planet. Grab a ball and know that you are not only helping a child in need, but also helping the environment – doesn't get much better than that.

park 6-min.jpg
park 7-min.jpg

Head to now to grab a ball and do some good.

Daniel Jones

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