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PARK Team Up With FIFA 22 To Tackle Climate Change

Following on from their partnership on FIFA 21, PARK SSC and EA Sports come together again, only this time it’s with an even greater mission at heart. You can now take on their squad made up entirely of the world’s best stoppers to help stop climate change.

PARK forged a relationship with EA Sports when they appeared in FIFA 21’s Volta mode. Through this they offered a direct impact on the lives of young people around the world through the social benefits of football, allowing fans to select bespoke gear to support a great cause with the #parkpassaball initiative. And for every great pass shared on FIFA 21 with that hashtag, PARK shared a ball with a kid in need. Now, PARK and FIFA 22 take things to a more global scale, promising to tackle climate change in a unique way.

From the 21st to the 28th of March, PARK will be the Featured Squad Battle in FIFA22 with team of goalkeepers – PARK’s Save the Planet XI. Yes, you read that right, a squad made up entirely of the world’s best stoppers to stop climate change.

Every game played against PARK’s Save the Planet XI will lock away 100g of carbon. The ultimate goal: to lock away 100 tonnes of carbon over seven days by playing one million games of FIFA22. 

park 8-min.jpg
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The move also follows on from the release of PARK’s first-ever carbon negative ball, for which the company partnered with C2Zero, a purpose driven company with a mission to stop pollution, and this partnership is in effect again. C2Zero enable brands to take away the permits big polluters use when they pollute. C2Zero purchases these permits and (figuratively) cuts them up, putting pieces onto goods and services.

Utilising blockchain technology, every game played against the PARK squad will have a permit embedded in it that offsets more than the carbon emitted during an average game of FIFA22.

park 7-min.jpg
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However, the environmental mission goes beyond gameplay. When you play against the PARK squad, they will line up in the PARK planet kit, and grace the PARK planet stadium with a PARK ball.

The design of these elements are inspired by textures found in the environment. The white at the front of the kit is a collection of clouds; the green a microscopic close up of a leaf; the blue shorts, seaweed; and red, lava flowing over rock. The goalkeeper kit is inspired by sea foam at the beach. 

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Fire up FIFA22, play some games and stop carbon from entering the atmosphere – Can't get much easier than that.

Daniel Jones

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