This here is the Nike Next Nature Football and it's the latest step in the Swoosh sustainability drive. The skills ball is made entirely from 100% recycled yarn and is designed specifically for tomorrow's planet. A sustainable approach that can better the game while changing the future.

The skills ball will not be available for sale immediately, but Nike have alluded to the fact that it will be soon as part of a wider approach to pushing the brand's sustainability journey into the next level when it comes to football and sport. The Next Nature ball is more than just a football, it's a statement of the direction Nike are taking in carving a sustainable future, and as a world leader, setting an example for other brands to follow, not just in sport, but in any business.


The Next Nature skills ball is made entirely from recycled airbags and is finished with a transparent design that allows you to see through to the recycled yarn inside the ball. The yarn trimmings have been diverted from landfill sites and will make footballs that are not only helping to save the planet, but can provide an accessible alternative to traditional football's due to the fact they don't need to be pumped up and can't 'pop'. For this reason, it's a ball that will be a gift to developing countries as well as developed nations.

For now, the Nike Next Nature ball is not available to buy, but stay tuned and we'll give you the heads up when it is. Nike are moving at pace, there's more to come.