The game goes on. That's the message circulating online as players of all abilities keep on their toes as they wait for their respective seasons to re-commence. If you're self-isolating, it's going to be a test and there are only so many beatings you can take on FIFA online by over-cocky 10 year-olds off school. So here's our list of home essentials to keep you going.

These are strange times for us all, the goalposts have moved, quite literally into homes and gardens as players keep the body and mind active. Whether you're training intensely or just nut-megging the dog with a mini-football, we've picked out a selection of products in partnership with Pro:Direct Soccer to keep the game alive. Here goes...


Mini Goals

The ultimate garden essential. Just don't go shanking it over the fence, yeah? Whether it's pop-up ones for indoors or bigger ones for the garden. This is keeping the kids entertained and yourself sane, this is your friend, so are Pro:Direct. They've got all sizes and are delivering direct to your door. Top lads. Shop all sizes of mini-goals here.


Mini Footballs

Put the toilet roll down, you'll need that. Get yourself a mini football and enjoy it before you get over confident, break something, and your other half threatens to stick a knife in it. Because that will 100% happen. Absolute self-isolation essential. Shop all mini-footballs here.


Urban Target Goal

Indoor and out. Lightweight and foldable. At the very least you'll be hammering something at this as you stumble into the kitchen in-between Netflix episodes. Plus it's essentially a built in goalkeeper. Cut out a photo of Jussi Jaaskelainen's face and stick it on it if you want, become friends, speak to him, watch Netflix together. Decent little addition to the pad for £35. Get one here. 


Trainer Cleaning Kit

You have absolutely nothing to do, so you have absolutely no excuse not to clean up your trainer collection. It's probably the only time you'll ever consider doing it. Same applies for your boots. Shop all footwear cleaning products here.

Crazy Catch

Big fans of this one. Why? Because you can use it really intensely like the lads in the video, or it's just as fun laying on the sofa eating crisps while pinging a tennis ball back and forth. Addictive. Shop all different sizes here.


Track Pants

Throw out all other clothing, denim is no longer your friend. These are all you need now. Luckily for you all leading sports brands have upped their game, Nike in particular. Shop all track pants here.


PSG x Jordan Hoodies

See above. This is your new work uniform. The sofa suit if you must. The hoodie is all you need. You know what, the bottoms are optional, it's your house do what you want, just put some on when you answer the door to the postman. The PSG x Jordan collection is a good place to start or you can shop all hoodies here.


Garden Workout Essentials

Right, back on track with some actual exercise. If you've got a garden then some little short and sharp agility sessions are easy. Get yourself some cones, agility ladders, hurdles and you're away. Wouldn't recommend the agility ladder if you live in any flat other than the ground floor. Your neighbours will not like that. Shop all garden workout essentials here.


Fresh Footwear

They're never staying cleaner. Wear them in the house, walk on the carpet, put your feet up on the sofa for all we care. Trainers are the new slippers. Just don't wear them down ASDA, you ain't got time for some toilet roll hoarding moron scuffing them up. Shop the latest trainer releases here.



Get out there. Go for a run, keep warm, stay low key. Training essential for every kit bag. Shop all snoods here.



Yep, these are your summer work shoes. Let's hope we're kicking a ball by then though, yeah? A ball on a pitch, outdoors, like the good old days. Shop all slides here.


Run In Style

Make the most of your one a day by sorting yourself out with a pair of decent running shoes. The running market has never had such a strongly influenced streetwear feel so fill your boots. They don't come much sharper than the Nike Infinity React Run. Shop all the latest running shoes here.

Shop the full #TheGameGoesOn collection and get everything delivered direct to your door at