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Our Top 10 Away Shirts Of The 23/24 Season

The action keeps coming on the pitch this weekend, and so too does our ranking lists, with this week seeing us unveil our Top 10 Away Shirts for the 23/24 season. Plenty to get excited for, and a heavy influence from the Three Stripes…

With most leagues back in action, the majority of teams have officially unveiled their new away shirts for the 23/24 season, with the exception of just a few (we’re looking at you, Chelsea). And so, following on from last week’s Top 10 Home Shirts, this week we give you our Top 10 Away Shirts of the 23/24 season. Sticking with European clubs for this one, as is usually the case the competition gets a lot stiffer away from the restraints that tradition often imposes on home designs. So buckle up, and check out which teams made the cut…

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away 14-min.jpg

10. AS Roma

There's something so clean about the Roma away shirt, lining up as the perfect counterpart to the beautifully retro home shirt. Would it have been better with the same Lupetto club crest? Undoubtedly. Will it still look as clean with a sponsor in place? Maybe not. Does any of that take away from what is a beautiful design? Nope.

away 9-min.jpg
ajax 6-min.jpg

9. Ajax

Ajax are known for the quality of their alternate jerseys, and adidas once again don't disappoint. The away shirt comes in white for the first time since 1988/1989, but more than this there's also a turquoise/light pink pattern throughout to embody the contemporary, forward-facing nature of the club.

away 8-min.jpg
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8. Benfica

Five continents, five colours, five front stripes. The black base of this adidas design ensures all focus is on the vertical striped graphic on the front, which is a tribute to the millions of Benfica supporters all over the world.

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7. Manchester City

There's something about the colour scheme of the Man City away shirt that really works, with that off-white base, burgundy trim and copper accents. The base also features an all-over print drawn from an archival weave pattern as an added flourish.

away 5-min.jpg
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6. AC Milan

Elegant is the perfect word for the AC Milan away shirt, which seamlessly blends performance and style. Love the use of the Rossoneri's traditional colours in the off-centre stripe, and that base graphic is a touch of luxury. 

away 1-min.jpg
away 18-min.jpg

5. Walthamstow

Nestled amongst Europe's elite, this shirt stands out for a design from Admiral that has been designed in collaboration with The William Morris Gallery, taking references from famous designs of Morris, the legendary face of the Arts & Crafts movement who was born in Walthamstow. So a strong story and an outstandingly bespoke design. Superb.

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4. Real Madrid

The home shirt was unlucky to not make it on to our top 10 home shirts list, but this away shirt was a shoe-in from the moment we saw it. The deep purple hues combined with the alternating Three Stripe execution... just works.

away 2-min.jpg
away 12-min.jpg

3. Fiorentina

Kappa have absolutely nailed Fiorentina's away design. What's better than a sash? A sash made of floral graphics of course. It continues the theme of lilies that runs through the club's entire 23/24 collection, adding another layer to our appreciation.

away 4-min.jpg
away 19-min.jpg

2. Leeds United

The Leeds away shirt leans into the proud history of the club, specifically the peacock badge that was worn in the early 1980’s, a time when the club was affectionately known as the Peacocks. Designed in association with Acid FC, the shirt sees a striking colour palette of navy, blue and mint, presented in an eye-catching peacock-inspired print that's unlike anything else out there. Bespoke brilliance. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

away 6-min.jpg
away 11-min.jpg

1. Bayern Munich

Considering how much we like the Leeds shirt, it was always going to take something special to beat it to top spot... And it comes from Bayern. Part football shirt, part nightclub attire, the black base is covered in a green and pink diamond graphic that combines to create the world map, drawing inspiration from the "Mia San Mia" motto and how it unites the club’s global fans. And that nameset... Just completes the look.

Honourable mentions to Monaco, Besiktas, Juventus and Inter Milan.

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