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Nike Launch The Premier League 19/20 Tunnel Vision Ball

As the Premier League transitions to the final stages of the 2019/20 season, Nike have introduced a third and final match ball for the business end of the campaign. This here is the Premier League "Tunnel Vision" Merlin ball and it'll be on pitch from this weekend right through until the trophy is lifted May.

This is essentially the same Merlin ball that has been on pitch all season, but with a new aesthetic. We've already had the standard Merlin and the Hi-Vis edition through winter, but now for the first time in Premier League history a third ball is introduced for the run in. A run in that Nike might have hoped would have been a bit more exciting in terms of a genuine title race.


Incorporating Nike Aerowtrac technology, the ball is engineered to provide an accurate and stable flight by helping ensure a steady flow of air across the ball no matter what speed it is moving at. The "Tunnel Vision" design highlights the balance of clarity and disorder with bright orange circles amid a flurry of graphics. This underscores players' ability to focus on one task while ignoring everything else. One of the panels features the prized Premier League trophy, reminding each team of the ultimate end-of-season goal.  The Premier League "Tunnel Vision" Merlin will make its debut during the Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur fixture on February 22. 


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