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Nike Launch The 2018/19 Premier League Merlin Ball

This here is the new official match ball for the 2018/19 Premier League season. The Nike Merlin ball drops into play to replace the Ordem series, and no it isn't named after David Silva.

Quite nice isn't it? That's all that matters. You've been here, you've seen it, you've gone. If you're still around then we'll tell you why it's a bit different by translating Nike's innovation language. According to the Swoosh the Merlin ball is more innovative than ever, by incorporating advanced technology, materials and construction to deliver the best Premier League ball yet. 


Nike have integrated their All Conditions Control (ACC) technology in a football for the first time, ensuring optimal touch and control in all weather and pitch conditions. Using higher frequency welding techniques, the number of panels traditionally seen have also been reduced further to just four, creating a larger striking surface for an even cleaner flight and enhancing accuracy.

Got it? Good. Not sure that "Fewer Panels. More Goals" is a factual mathematic ratio, though. 


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