Providing an extra bit of bling to that much needed piece of protective equipment, SAK Project launch the ‘Liquid Gold’ shinguard, which sees strong aesthetics combined with superior grade materials to standard shinguards for the ultimate level of protection on the pitch.

SAK Project have carved themselves a nice little niche in the market as one of the premium brands when it comes to shinguards, combining the use of military-grade materials that are unbreakable, flexible and lightweight with some stunning, unique designs that offer that additional level of personalisation in your game. And the brand’s latest launch, Liquid Gold, continues in that vein, offering some additional style and swagger in your game.

sakproject 2-min.jpg

The design sees the SAK Project logo split across both pads, with the liquid gold overlaying a black base. From a tech perspective, the pads feature an exterior protection layer that is made from the latest generation polymer materials widely used in the aerospace and military industries, while the inner cushioning layer boasts high impact energy absorption. They come with a pair of sleeves to hold the pads in place, offering a secure and snug fit, and they come in a special presentation box to round off the package.

The SAK Project Liquid Gold Shinguard is available exclusively at