Nike Town London opened its doors to the White Shirt Project this week to celebrate the diverse cultural relevance of the England shirt. Leading influencers from sport, music and the wider community were invited to leave their bespoke mark on the iconic Three Lions jersey.

Nike Football, in partnership with Tottenham Textiles, identified 11 fearless and progressive communities, athletes, artists and fans to share their unique and inspiring stories creating a seminal snapshot of English football culture as it exists today. Each party was invited to totally personalise the back of an England shirt to give a glimpse of what football in England means to them personally.

England Shirt Project_0053_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_005.jpg
England Shirt Project_0036_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_076.jpg

The 11 designs that have been created for the Nike England White Shirt Project will be featured as part of an exhibition from May 25th – 31st in the Cube on display at Nike Town London. The elevens designs belong to Dujon Sterling, Bugzy Malone, Big Zuu, London Football Journey, Football Beyond Boarders, Hackney Laces, Caricom Magazine, Season Zine, Owen Bainbridge, The Hidden Jewels, and Baiteze Squad.

England Shirt Project_0052_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_019.jpg England Shirt Project_0040_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_058.jpg England Shirt Project_0032_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_091.jpg England Shirt Project_0044_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_042.jpg England Shirt Project_0034_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_089.jpg
England Shirt Project_0037_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_072.jpg England Shirt Project_0033_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_090.jpg England Shirt Project_0004_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_213.jpg England Shirt Project_0031_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_092.jpg England Shirt Project_0025_EH_Nike White Shirt Project_126.jpg

Photography by Edd Horder for SoccerBible.