adidas have unveiled the official ball for the Argentine Football Association that will be used across the country in 2016. Introducing the flavoursome, Argentum.

The ball is decorated in the colours of the Argentinian flag that sweep across the ball. Accompanying the patterned shapes is the flag itself and the logo of the Argentine Football Association.

Some description

The shape of the ball matches that of the Beau Jeu, the official football for the 2016 European Championship. The structure is that of six identical panels that provide a unique surface, designed to provide maximum grip and contact as well as sustained aerodynamics on the pitch for whatever conditions prevail. Adidas has had a close connection with the AFA since 2004 so this on the pitch relationship continues in the heart of play in South America.

The Argentum 2016 is on sale across various stockists now. You can get kitted up in that treasured blue and white here.