Keeping options open across all levels, New Balance have released their roster of Furon v7+, Tekela v4+ and 442 in contrasting whiteout and blackout colourways.

While New Balance athletes continue to perform on pitch in the latest colourways for the Furon v7+ and Tekela v4+, which dropped at the beginning of the year, the brand has also moved to ensure that there are options that appeal to a broader audience by releasing their lineup in whiteout and blackout options. The clean presentations are straight up inversions of  one another, leaving out the frills and ensuring attention is on what you do with them.

nb white 3-min.jpg
nb white 8-min.jpg
nb white 6-min.jpg
nb white 5-min.jpg

As we saw with the latest colourway drop back at the start of the year, the Furon has switched up its branding for a more traditional logo. It's a look that was already in use by the Tekela, and it makes the two boots look very similar at a glance, especially in these stripped back executions. The real telling difference comes in the Furon's off-centre lacing system, while the Tekela is also available in a high-cut laceless edition.

Colour-wise, the option is to go for a black or white base in either boot, with the classic ’N’ logo appearing in the opposite colour for a strong contrast. A red pop then features on the studs of both the Furon and Tekela in each colourway, present as a nod to the brand's original colour combo.

As well as the Furon and Tekela, there's also the option of the 442 – New Balance's grassroots specialist – in both the blackout and whiteout looks.

nb black 4-min.jpg
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