Suited up and ready for your preseason pleasure, New Balance has wrapped its roster in an iridescent sheen for the ‘Beyond Orbit’ pack, presenting the Furon v7, Tekela v4 and 442 in lowkey blackout looks.

Following suit with most brands ahead of a new season, New Balance presents its current lineup of boots in an understated look, although unlike other packs, the Furon v7, Tekela v4 and 442 all come with an iridescent shimmer throughout, making up the ‘Beying Orbit’ pack. It’s a look that the brand has toyed with before, most notably on the ultra-exclusive ‘First Edition’ Tekela v3+, which launched back in 2021.

beyond orbit 8-min.jpg
beyond orbit 7-min.jpg

For the Furon v7 and Tekela v4, which is once again available in both laceless and low-cut laced, the ‘Beyond Orbit’ presentation sees an almost animalistic print of black and blue hues in the rear quadrant of each boot. Collars and additional areas of the boots are solid black, while the branding shimmers in a silvery tone. The underside of these boots then really shows of that iridescence, with the oily look travelling through each soleplate.

That look is the inverted for the 442, with the iridescent look dominating that plush leather upper, with the soleplate coming in a solid black.

beyond orbit 9-min.jpg
beyond orbit 10-min.jpg
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