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New Balance Visaro & Furon Blackout

Attacking the senses with more composed sophistication than sense, the Visaro and Furon from New Balance have been cloaked. No super hero superlatives needed, these move out of that bracket and into a pin point world nonchalant cool.

With the winter months impending, these black out iterations come painted in positively menacing tones. Boots for the appreciator of minimalist style that packs a big impression, there's simply no wasted time with both the Visaro and Furon. Engineered under the hood to deliver, these both go about their business with unspeakable flair. No need for bells and whistles, these shout loud silently. The Visaro retains it's supersoft premium K-leather as well as hexagonal stitch pattern to offer maximum control on the ball.

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While the Furon, equally stays true to its shape and tones that landed it on the football scene earlier this season - packaged with a 'FantomFit' cage and a 'High Energy Return' upper it's about speed, agility and striking the ball with ferocious style. A mighty fine defence splitting duo, it's a welcome addition to the blackout market. From sole plate to branding, there are sharp tones all round. The cape can return to the edge of the box now.

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Give 'em five on the mantelpiece, then suit up. Heroic class. Available here.


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