Lining up a crisp and clean finish, Mizuno drop the Morelia Neo IV β in a “White/Radiant Red/Hot Coral” colourway for what is a mini collection known as the ‘Charge Pack’.

Taking focus on the Morelia Neo IV β, Mizuno have unveiled the ‘Charge Pack’. Now you may be wondering why it’s referred to as a “pack” when it appears to be a solo boot, but there is the option of the far cheaper Mizunio Monarcida Neo III in a similar colourway and that’s what promotes this release to pack status. But let’s not kid ourselves, all focus is firmly fixed on that premium level release, which comes with the ultimate hallmark of class: ‘Made in Japan’.

charge 9-min.jpg
charge 8-min.jpg

Here, the Morelia Neo IV β takes up a clean white base, with the different shades of red playing a supporting role throughout the upper and in the studs. The mark IV of the Morelia Neo is very much a case of tweaks on the III rather than anything too radical. There’s a new upper mid foot mesh for improved fitting, and that combines with the updated knit pattern on the tongue and collar area, which has been raised by 5mm for improved fit. It’s also been improved with three-dimensional stretch properties allowing better comfort around the top of the Foot. The sockliner lining material has been changed to provide more grip as well as a more luxurious first touch.

charge 7-min.jpg charge 5-min.jpg charge 6-min.jpg

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