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Nike Drop The First Instalment Of The 2024 'Black Pack'

Arriving under the cover of darkness, Nike drop the first part of the 2024 Black Pack, featuring the Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna II wrapped in black stealth suits.

Offering a more understated alternative to the more prominent tones of the newly-released ‘Mad Ready’ pack, which provides the pros with a more prominent presence on pitch, Nike drop the Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna II in blackout colourways. Both are almost entirely devoid of colour, save for some white accents in the branding and some subtle shades of blue that pop through the soleplate, noticeably highlighting the Cyclone 360 soleplate.

shadow 2-min.jpg
shadow 4-min.jpg

And speaking of the Cyclone 360 soleplate, it’s been adopted by the Phantom GX II recently, having debuted on the Luna, and likewise, the Luna has adopted the GX’s Gripknit upper. The result is that both boots are far more similar now, with the only real difference being the presence of the collar on the Luna, with the GX no longer having a collared version (why would it when essentially it’d be exactly the same boot?)

So there we have it, another outing for the Phantom twins, like the ‘Phantom Vortex’ pack, only this time provided for those that don’t want to stand out on the pitch for anything other than their performances.

shadow 11-min.jpg
shadow 3-min.jpg
shadow 6-min.jpg
shadow 7-min.jpg
shadow 10-min.jpg
shadow 9-min.jpg
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