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Nike Drop The Limited Edition Phantom GX 'Blaze'

Delivering a solo refresh for its newest silo, Nike drop the Limited Edition Phantom GX ‘Blaze’, which sees the new boot it wrapped in some fiery hues.

The Phantom GX was launched in fairly unique fashion, debuting as it did in the middle of the 2022 World Cup. Since then it has received two colour refreshes, the first as part of the ‘Blast Pack’, which has been in use by professional players since its launch in mid January, and the second a more lowkey but no less sublime blackout look, sure to be favoured in the lower leagues. Now it gets another solo venture, heading off in a particularly eye-eye-catching direction.

phantom 9-min.jpg
phantom 11-min.jpg

That direction is the Phantom GX ‘Blaze’, which sees the boot arriving in an official colourway of “Citron Tint/Burgundy Crush”. The reason for the choice of those colours should be fairly obvious from the new boots sub monicker as it is, but if you need further clarification, then it’s all about fire. 

phantom 10-min.jpg
phantom 7-min.jpg

The special Nike Gripknit technology is accentuated thanks to the vibrant flame-inspired colourings, while then chrome soleplate features fire graphics. The look is then finished off with a beautiful matte crackle execution on the contrasting Swoosh down the side of the boot, which itself was inspired by smoke, strengthening the fire imagery.

phantom 4-min.jpg
phantom 5-min.jpg

Nike Gripknit technology has been touted as a huge step for the brand, and it’s said that it will revolutionise the football footwear landscape. The material itself is a mix of high-tenacity yarns with a treatment to create Gripknit. The result is perfect interaction with the ball, offering just the right amount of stick.

phantom 8-min.jpg
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