Once again introducing its latest generation upgrades with some seriously exclusive special edition treatment, New Balance unveil the ‘First Edition’ Furon v7 and Tekela v4, both of which combine in some luxurious looks to make the ‘Gold Pack’.

Last year New Balance introduced the world to the then next-generation Tekela v3 by releasing it in an ultra-exclusive design that featured a colour shifting effect allowing the boots to change colour depending on the light and viewing angle. Announced as the ‘First Edition’, it’s a move that has been picked up again by the brand, only this time it sees next generation versions of both of its key silos. Say hello to the all-new Furon v7 and Tekela v4.

Once again carrying the ‘ultra-limited’ tag, the ‘First Edition’ Gold Pack is a striking collection that arrives in black tones that are gilded in gold for a premium finish. So starting with the Furon, and it’s a very fresh new look for the silo that finds itself in its seventh generation. It features an innovative Hypoknit upper, designed to provide strategic areas of stretch and support, but one of the most notable points from a visual perspective is the off-set lacing. These tech enhancements have been included to deliver impressive lockdown, support, and an increased strike zone, improving on points from its predecessor. 

nb 9-min.jpg
nb 10-min.jpg
nb 11-min.jpg
nb 8-min.jpg
nb 7-min.jpg
nb 6-min.jpg

Then comes the Tekela, now in its fourth iteration. It remains the brand’s laceless option, and it strives for more of the on-pitch recognition it deserves with some smart new updates. It starts by incorporating a full-foot stretch-knit upper with minimal texture, keeping the weight down and also bringing the foot closer to the ball for better feel. The previously mentioned laceless closure combines with a a directional heel lining to provide easy entry along with secure lockdown and stability.

Aesthetically, there’s that sleek black base that’s joined by flashes of gold, notably in the forefoot of the soleplate. The ’N’ branding on the lateral side has also had a nice contemporary tweak, with a subtle fading out of the edges offering a fresh take. Will have to see if that’s a feature that will remain beyond this limited edition. 

nb 3-min.jpg
nb 4-min.jpg
nb 5-min.jpg
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