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Nike Rerelease The CTR360 Maestri III

Get ready to gawp, one and all, because Nike have turned the clock back 10 years for a rerelease of pure nostalgic pleasure. Yes, the CTR360 Maestri III is back for a limited edition drop, looking as immense as it did upon its original run.

It’s always a bit of a bittersweet moment when we get a rerelease such as the Nike CTR360 Maestri III… on the one hand it’s so good to see it back, bringing back memories of prime Iniesta and Fabregas, but on the other hand it makes you stop and wonder where that last decade has gone. But we’re happy to bask in the memory of the former, time be damned. Yes, like the T90 Laser I in 2019, Nike bring back the CTR360 Maestri III for a limited edition drop that hits hard.

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The CTR360 was successful for a number of reasons: comfort, touch, durability and versatility, and that was refined over its three variations, culminating in the mark III, which was designed with direct input from the athletes that would wear it, such as the previously mentioned Iniesta.

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Arriving in the launch “Sonic Yellow/White/Black” look, the CTR Maestri III rerelease is an exact recreation of the OG, with all the tech under the hood that made it standout back in 2012. Back then it had been re-engineered to deliver enhanced control, traction, support and lightweight comfort, and this was achieved through next generation Kanga-Lite 2.0 synthetic material, which is again present here.

The pass-pad was revamped for 2012, featuring a 3D control pad which used those separate strips with fins of varying sizes to hug the arch and maximise contact with the ball, all providing that signature look. But it was perhaps most notable for being the first boot to feature All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, which eventually spread to all silos in Nike’s setup.

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The asymmetrical lacing, the dimpled forefoot, the split colour ways… rather than a blast from the past, the CTR360 Maestri III is more a controlled and perfectly placed pass that lands right at the feet of the striker who doesn’t even have to break stride.

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The Nike CTR360 Maestri III is available from 19 June at

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