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Nike Drop Golden Premier III

One for the brave and the bold out there, as Nike drop the Premier III in a premium presentation of gold with white accents for a look that instantly conjures memories of Ronaldinho’s original gold Tiempo.

You’ve got to back yourself in a pretty big way to step out onto the pitch in a golden pair of boots. Even more so if you’re stepping out on the grassroots pitches upon which the Nike Premier is one of the champions. So to see the Nike Premier III decked out in a resplendent “Mtlc Gold Grain/White/Mtlc Gold Grain” colourway is one of those divisive moments in life: on the one hand, it looks bloody lovely, but is it worth getting ten bells kicked out of you on Sunday? Course it is. You only live once after all.

premier 2-min.jpg
premier 3-min.jpg

The Premier line has obvious links to the legacy of the Tiempo, and it exists as a more affordable option for those not on professional wages. But does that mean they have to be boring in design? Absolutely not. Whilst some will favour the understated look of a black leather boot, there are plenty who want their feet to shine, and on the muddy pitches of a Sunday morning is the only place that they get to do that, so why not dress them accordingly?

Nike are always quick to acknowledge the heritage of the Tiempo and the influence that gold has had on the line. Here, the Premier III adopts a golden base across the entire upper, with white accents playing through the embossed “Nike Premier” heel logo, the over-sized Swoosh branding that runs down both sides of the boot and that fold over tongue – itself a nod to the Air Tiempo Legend II.

It’s certainly a thing of beauty, but do you have the cajones to pull it off?

premier 4-min.jpg
premier 5-min.jpg
premier 6-min.jpg

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Daniel Jones

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