Arriving as the second solo colourway in a month, Nike has released the Phantom GX ‘Link’, which features a colourway inspired by the Flyknit Racer running shoe.

Hot on the heels of the Phantom GX ‘Blaze’ (see what we did there?), Nike has lifted the veil on another solo venture for its newest silo with the Phantom GX ‘Link’, and this time it’s a homage-filled look that connects the world’s of running and football (see what they did there?). To do this the brand has picked up on one of the more prominent looks for the Flyknit Racer running shoe, translating it onto the Phantom for a new look.

phantom 3-min.jpg
phantom 6-min.jpg

What we get as a result of this crossover is a lowkey look on one hand, with flashes of vibrancy on the other. There's a stark contrast between the front and rear portions of the foot, and this is to highlight the two knit innovations at the heart of the Phantom GX; on the front is the groundbreaking Gripknit, incorporated for its control characteristics, and it's presented in a purple and black look.

Flyknit is then for the fit, and this is highlighted in the rear of the boot, wrapping round the heel in rainbow tones. The official colourway of the boot is "Black/Volt/White/Blue Glow", but there's a lot more going on than that, particularly in the rear portion. That volt colour is reserved for the Swoosh branding, and on the heel it's placed at an odd diagonal angle on the right foot, as is the Phantom GX callout on the left, both said to be positioned as such specifically for comfort.

No official word on player support for this colourway, but given that the 'Blaze' is being widely worn now, we don't imagine seeing many elite players in these. One more for the grassroots game perhaps.

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