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Nike Provide Erling Haaland With New Signature Phantom GX II

As one of the best strikers in world football today, it’s not a massive surprise that Erling Haaland has got his first signature edition boot from Nike. The Phantom GX II EH9 draws on Haaland as a force of nature, and so it uses red – a very powerful colour – as its base.

Upon re-signing with Nike around this time last year, the brand coined the term Force9 to describe Erling Haaland’s impact in the game, playing on the fact that he is like a force of nature and combining that impact with his shirt number. Now, almost a year to the day from when he put pen to paper with the Swoosh after months of deliberating and flirting with other brands, Nike honour their striking talent with a new signature edition Phantom GX II.

The Phantom GX II EH9 isn’t technically Haaland’s first signature edition boot – that came in June of last year. But what it is is the first more widely available release. It arrives in a bold “Bright Crimson/White” colourway, with the Crimson colouring dominating the look, while chrome accents feature through the Swoosh and the Cyclone 360 element of the soleplate, located in the forefoot. The design is completed with the words ‘Erling’ and ‘Haaland’ on the left and right heels respectively.

haaland 7-min.jpg
haaland 3-min.jpg
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haaland 5-min.jpg

The red tone was chosen as it’s a very physical and vibrant colour linked to strong emotions such as love, passion, desire and survival instinct. It’s the colour of confidence, strength, power and enthusiasm – all things you would attribute to the Norwegian hitman – and it can help to promote a feeling of groundedness, strengthening our connection to earth, energising and stimulating our senses.

We can expect to see Haaland rattling in the goals in these boots in the coming weeks, starting with Arsenal this Sunday.

haaland 6-min.jpg
haaland 2-min.jpg

The Nike Phantom GX II EH9 edition is available at now.

Daniel Jones

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