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adidas Unveil 'L10NEL M35SI' Signature X Speedportal

Celebrating 35 years of Messi magic, adidas has unveiled ‘L10NEL M35SI', the latest signature edition X Speedportal for the Argentinian, and the first since he won the World Cup.

Lionel Messi arrived on the planet 35 years ago. Now, whether that was by conventional methods or via an alien spacecraft is open for debate, but he has been playing like a being from out of this world pretty much from the moment he had a ball at his feet. Professionally speaking though, it’s been almost two decades of poetry in motion from the little Argentinian, and since 2006 it has been with the Three Stripes on his feet. So, to celebrate 35 years of the magical number 10, adidas have launched the ‘L10NEL M35SI’ X Speedportal, the PSG forward’s latest signature edition and his first as a World Champion.

messi 4-min.jpg
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Picking up where the World Cup-winning X Speedportal 'Leyenda' left off, the ‘L10NEL M35SI’ X Speedportal takes design elements from Messi’s previous signature boots, meaning they’ve had over ten years of design history to draw from. And that's represented in a combination of certain aspects, fused together through the busy upper.

The official colourway of the boot is "Team Solar Orange/Silver Met./Core Black", but to attempt to describe its presentation any further than that would be pretty difficult. Will leave it as the orange being the base colour, and the rest playing out across the boot for what is certainly a unique look. 

We've already seen the boot of course, with Messi lacing up in them over the last week or so, but now is the official launch and a closer look at the details contained within, as well as that clever name switch up that incorporates his iconic number 10 and his age. 

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Pick up the adidas X Speedportal .1 'L10nel M35si' at

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