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adidas Launch The Copa Icon In Traditional Colourway

Not to be confused with the recently released COPA Pure, adidas have also recently launched the Copa Icon, which arrives on the scene as a closer relation to the boot that started it all, the Copa Mundial.

The Copa Mundial is hands down one of the best boots of all time, so much so that it has enjoyed a lifespan of over 40 years, still going strong today and remaining a favourite of the grass roots game. Despite the OG holding a special place in many people’s hearts, it has also spawned several evolutionary offshoots, ensuring that it’s able to stand up to the demands of today’s game, with the COPA Pure being the latest in the progressive branch of the Copa family. And to that end the Copa Icon has snuck silently on to the scene as a more traditional take on the original, bringing it up to speed with the modern game while sticking closer to the OG’s iconic DNA.

copa icon 7-min.jpg
copa icon 5-min.jpg

Following on from the special “White/Gold Metallic/White” launch edition, the Copa Icon is now released in a very traditional black and white colourway, lifted straight off the OG Copa Mundial, and first seen on the feet of officials at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. 

While the Copa Icon features the classic K-leather construction that’s synonymous with the Copa Mundial, it notably does not have the famous fold-over tongue – something that might upset purists. But keep in mind that this is not the Copa Mundial made famous 40 years ago – instead, this is a boot that keeps everything that the original was about close to heart while looking to improve in areas where it can. And that brings us on to the other notable update: the soleplate. It’s been switched for a more modern, lightweight option that looks to have been lifted from the retired Nemeziz line, offering a better level of comfort and traction.

So there you have it, a lightweight version of the Copa Mundial that’s fit for the elite game. As an alternative to the top-tier, performance-driven COPA Pure, it reserves room for modern tech while embracing the essence and tradition of the Copa’s heritage.

copa icon 8-min.jpg
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