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adidas Complete The 'Eternal Class' Pack With The Copa Mundial 21

Adding one final drop of sauce to the ‘Eternal Class’ pack and completing the second instalment, adidas launch the Copa Mundial, blacked out with a chrome soleplate, tying it in with the recent Predator Accelerator release.

The Eternal Class pack basically does exactly what it says on the tin, paying homage to some of the best boots from the adidas Archive by showing off the timeless designs and exceptional quality that have made them favourites for decades. And no boot in the Three Stripes repertoire encapsulates that ethos more than the Copa Mundial, which is presented in a more familiar and traditional black out aesthetic for the second part of the pack.

copa 5-min.jpg
copa 4-min.jpg

The Eternal Class pack debuted on Boxing Day last year, with the Predator Absolute joined by the Copa Mundial in a white execution, and that was followed up by the Predator Accelerator, which dropped mid January, flipping to a black aesthetic in contrast to the first part. And now the Copa Mundial is back again, belatedly supporting the Accelerator and completing the Eternal Class setup.

The traditional Copa Mundial is instantly recognisable with its classic black leather upper with white Three Stripes. Here, the black is back, but minus the white, with the branding instead taking on the grey colouring. That’s complemented by an all-new silver chrome soleplate for what is the major point of difference from the original. But that's not the only thing to note with the soleplate; it's noticeably different to that of the current COPA, leading to the suspicion that what we could be looking at is the all-new soleplate from the as-yet unreleased next-gen COPA.

copa 12-min.jpg
copa 13-min.jpg

As with the other drops, the boot is also joined by a trainer version, complete with a Boost midsole, enabling you to take the class away from the pitch.

So what do you prefer, the light side or the dark side of the Eternal Class pack? Whatever your preference, it has to be agreed that this collection of boots certainly lives up to its name.

copa 10-min.jpg
copa 11-min.jpg
copa 6-min.jpg

Pick up the adidas Copa Mundial 21 'Eternal Class' at

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