The battle for sustainability continues, and now Italian craft masters Pantofola d’Oro are doing their bit and showing what can be done in football with the launch of the Lazzarini Eco, which has been created using a fully eco-sustainable microfibre upper.

Pantofola d’Oro is one of football’s most historic brands, and have been at the top of the bootmaking tree since the 1950s. Greats of the game such as John Charles, Ferenc Puskas, Garrincha, Johan Cruyff, Roberto Mancini, Marco van Basten, and Jurgen Klinsmann have worn the “Golden Slipper” over the years – a name coined by Wales and Juventus legend Charles when he first tried on the boots given to him by Pantofola’s expert shoemaker, Emidio Lazzarini, over half a century ago. But now the experts at the Italian brand are looking at the impact of their craft on the environment, and as a result they’ve created the Lazzarini Eco, offering the timeless quality of the classic boot while also helping to protect the planet.

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The Pantofola d’Oro is renowned for its comfort, crafted as it is from the finest leather. But not the Eco. It is still created using Pantofola’s time-honoured techniques, only it’s not made from leather. Instead, its plush feel comes from a fully eco-sustainable microfibre upper, which provides exceptional touch on the ball so you can play the stylish football the Lazzarini deserves, while also knowing you’re not having the same impact on the environment. It’s a huge – and comfortable – step towards a more sustainable future for football, where even the most classic of boots still have a place in the game.

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