Pantofola d'Oro begin their 130th anniversary with a beautiful collaboration with artist Daniel Cordas, who together have created the Il Gigante Buono (The Gentle Giant) paying tribute to one of Britain's finest footballing exports – John Charles.

130 years of expert attention to detail by Italian craftsman has given Pantofola d'Oro the classiest reputation in the game and their latest piece of work is typically perfect. Using the Lazzarini boot as the perfect canvas, Cordas has captured John Charles in his Juventus days, the man who tried them on for the first time and famously proclaimed, “these aren’t boots, they’re slippers. Golden slippers.” Without realising it, Charles had inadvertently established the brand we know today as Pantofola d’Oro, which translates to golden slipper in Italian. 

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Only one pair of boots have been produced and will be auctioned off for charity, alongside a canvas to celebrate Il Gigante Buono. The richest of histories that the 'bigger' brands should be jealous of, and as Pantofola d'Oro CEO Kim Williams says, "Football boot trends and fashions come and go but the appreciation for quality is as relevant today as it was in 1886." 

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