As is customary for a Ballon d’Or win these days, adidas have honoured Karim Benzema’s award with his very own pair of signature boots, presenting the X Speedportal in a regal look worthy of the win.

Karim Benzema has been head and shoulders above the competition over this last year, firing an amazing 15 goals in 12 appearances in the Champions League, and 27 in 32 in La Liga as Real Madrid went on to scoop both. As a result, the Frenchman has rightly been awarded the 2022 Ballon d’Or, and in reaction to that and to commemorate the occasion, adidas have provided the striker with his very own signature edition X Speedportal.

benzema 7-min.jpg
benzema 4-min.jpg

The boots come with a luxurious look, with a white base playing host to an overlaid gold graphic that plays out across the upper. The gold continues on the underside, with a chrome finish transitioning from heel to forefoot, where the studs carry the golden hues. The heel then features a final sign off in the form of a stylised version of the name “Benzema”, with a golden ball that denotes the Ballon d’Or, sitting above.

benzema 9-min.jpg
benzema 5-min.jpg

It’s a fitting tribute, but it doesn’t stop there; as well as the boots, adidas have also provided Benzema with a golden version of the signature bandage that he wears on his right hand, and a special version of this season’s Real Madrid home kit, complete with a golden font for his name on the back and a special number nine that features a montage of his face.

Whether he will wear the boots or not is currently unclear, but we’d wager that he won’t. Probably ones for the mantlepiece, these. And the tape? Yeah, would take some minerals to do that on the pitch. Would love to see it though. Eyes on the La Liga fixture against Elche on Wednesday night…

benzema 3-min.jpg
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Sadly, not ones that will be available for retail. Shame.