Taking a step away from the two prime options in its current roster, New Balance has just dropped a next generation upgrade of the 442, coating it in gold to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

New Balance originally added the 442 silo to its ranks back in 2018, offering a more traditional option for players who care not for all the knitted, laceless, synthetic hype. Leather, laced, and no messing, it has now been upgraded for the 442 v2, ditching the tongue and adopting a rather flamboyant limited edition gold look.

nb gold 9-min.jpg
nb gold 7-min.jpg

The 442 v2 continues to be crafted for players that pursue quality and excellence. Featuring a traditional look and a high quality luxury K-leather construction, it provides that typical comfort and lock in that you expect from this type of classic boot. Pod cushion technology provides effortless comfort and definitive lock-in for stability.

That gold look may stand in contrast to the otherwise traditional approach of the boot, but it adds a level of luxury to a boot that otherwise is all about comfort and feel. Besides, the gold is paired with blackā€¦ what more do you want?

nb gold 8-min.jpg
nb gold 5-min.jpg
nb gold 4-min.jpg
nb gold 6-min.jpg

Pick up the New Balance 442 v2 at prodirectsoccer.com