Stop whatever it is you’re doing and take in the majesty of adidas’s latest trip into the archives. This is the limited edition Legends Pack, which features the Predator Pulse, F50 adizero, and adiPure, all dusted off and given a sublime black and gold paint job.

Boy, do adidas know how to completely mess up your Christmas shopping plans. Yep, you probably had a nice little pot saved up for gifts this year, and now you’re going to have to come up with a plan B, ‘coz you’re gonna need said cash for the ‘Legends Pack’, which the Three Stripes has just dropped. Don’t worry though, everyone loves a home made present, shows you’ve put thought into it, right? They don’t need to know you did it while wearing your brand new Predator Pulse, F50 adizero or adiPure boots, do they?

legends 10-min.jpg
legends 9-min.jpg

See, adidas have previous for dropping these types of absolute beauties on us right around the festive period. Last year we had the ‘Eternal Class’ pack, which was split into three drops, but thankfully they landed just after Christmas. This year though the Three Stripes have doubled down on our collective thirst for all things throwback, following up the reveal of the Teamgeist clothing collection, which brought back that unique look from the 2006 World Cup, with the Legends Pack, which brings back three iconic silhouettes.

Once you’ve got past the sheer class on offer here, you may want to know a little more about the pack… Ah who’re we kidding, you’re just staring at the pictures, and we don’t blame you. But we’re gonna tell you anyway. The Legends Pack arrives as a follow on of sorts from the Numbers Up pack, and it celebrates legendary players who wore legendary boots.

legends 7-min.jpg
legends 8-min.jpg

So let’s not kid ourselves here – the Predator is the attention grabber of the trio, with that luxurious golden tongue demanding that you fold it right down. Absolute banger. It’s a one-for-one remake of the 2004 original’s upper, sat on top of the current Predator Freak soleplate to keep the weight down. Modern day performance… if you dare wear them on the pitch!

So you came for the Predator, but you’re staying for the F50 adizero, and adiPure. Every part the class addition to the pack, adidas take it back to 2007 for the first ever remake of the adiPure series, faithfully recreating that luxurious leather upper. Those sleek stitch lines through the vamp, the clean white Three Stripes, all topped off with gold trim <chef’s kiss>.

And finally there’s the F50 adizero, which is a remake of the first ever generation of the F50 adizero line. Once again the upper is lifted straight from the OG and placed on to the current X Ghosted’s soleplate, not unlike the ‘Memory Lane’ F50 X Ghosted, which dropped around this time last year. Unlike the other two though, this one won’t be available from the off, with expected deliveries due in January.

legends 5-min.jpg
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